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What is Direct Admin or cPanel?

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  • What is Direct Admin or cPanel?

    I've never utilized Direct Admin, just cPanel both here and at past spots. So I'm thinking about whether you are aware of both-which one did you pick and why? if here anybody expert cpanel Admin

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    I've not come across Direct Admin. Looking into it, it looks nice and feature packed so I am sure it could do a job for those who use it. We usually go cPanel just because that's the more popular and well known option. We'd rather our users had something familiar.


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      According to my experience, CPN is more powerful than DirectAdmin.

      It is a user-friendly interface and is supported by another friendly company.

      Directadmin is also good, but when I talk about the purpose of the business, I prefer the CPC.


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        Cpanel is way better that other interface that you could use in all your web hosting needs. DirectAdmin is a similar program like cpanel. It's really the interface and user experience that gives an edge with cpanel that you won't have when you're using DirectAdmin.